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Our hunting areas for this majestic quarry are the slopes and peaks of the Karawanken & Julian Alps in Slovenia. The hunt is strictly fair chase with no fences. Stalking on foot is the only way to hunt this truly wild species. 

The mountains are networked with forest roads and this helps us with access up to the hunting areas. Normally within a short time our experienced guide will get you to excellent  vantage points where the Chamois can be assessed for a suitable beast.

The hunting season for Alpine Chamois (Gems) starts in August and at the end of the summer and in the early autumn it is a good time to hunt the solitary bucks as they establish their territory below the tree line or upon the ‘tops’ and mountain ridges.

Autumn is prime time for stalking them at first and last light on the mountain meadows that provide a good food source, it is extremely exciting to spot a beast at 600m and crawl in for a better look and perhaps a shot. November can be an extremely exciting time, as this is when the Chamois ‘rut’ and they spend all of their time chasing each other up & down the mountains. This is the time when it is best to outsmart an old boy.


Slovenia is a Central European country with the spirit of the Mediterranean. Size is 20,270km² with two million inhabitants. Neighbouring countries are Italy on west, Austria on north, Hungary on east and Croatia on east and south. 

Slovenia is a European Community member state since 2004 with the Euro as currency which helps facilitate many things with regards to the hunting. The travel of EC citizens with hunting weapons to Slovenia is free and simple. The Hunter will need to declare any weapons at the frontiers together with a European Firearm Pass and show the Invitation letter from official hunting agency. There is no tax and no paperwork requested.


Below you will find general information about the Alpine Chamois hunt which we conduct in Slovenia:

  • The majority of official Chamois hunts in Slovenia are based on a hunt cost with additional trophy fee. We hunt mainly Government State districts. The main area that we hunt is 54,000Ha (130,000 acres) of prime Chamois habitat in the Karawanken & Julian Alps along Slovenia-Austrian border. 

  • The hunter can use his own weapon as long as he brings his EU weapons pass and an invitation letter  that we will provide and show it at the airport, (there are no check points at the Slovenian  border crossing) also he can use weapons provided by the guide.

  • This type of hunt requires a certain amount of personal fitness as the hunt can be above 1500m, but a client who feels they are perhaps not fit enough due to age or disability, should not be put off as we are able to hunt adjacent, private hunting club estates where the access is more suitable. Even disabled clients can be catered for with a little planning.

  • Weather can play a major factor in the hunt, due to our extensive access to quality areas we are able to change venues at a short notice in order to try and make our hunt successful should we have excessive snowfall, bad visibility, etc. 

  • The most common method of hunting the Chamois is by foot stalking. But a very productive way, especially during the rut time (November) is siting & waiting at certain crossings points of their paths  & territories, as old trophy buck is generally always on the move chasing does. We suggest this type of hunt for the clients who are below average on fitness & condition.

  • Best time to hunt for a big trophy is August / September, as this is when they establish their territories and are feeding in the same areas, building their strength for the rut time in November. This is also a good time to hunt as the Chamois are permanently on the move. October can be a challenge as it is autumn and the noise caused by the fallen leaves can make the approach sometimes difficult.

  • For the client looking for a medal class Trophy needs to allow 3-4 days hunt, but a representative Trophy of 85-95 CIC points can normally be taken in a day if the conditions are right. The client must be prepared to take a shot from 100 - 250+ m.


Success rate for hunting Chamois is normally very high. Due to the restrictions on local hunters, the population of Chamois in Slovenia is high and even in the hunting club managed estates the quota that each area is given is easily achieved. As mentioned we hunt in state areas where the long-term Chamois success rate of our clients is 100 %. Many hunters are not coming to harvest a single trophy, but several if they are lucky.

Getting there:

You may fly and we will pick you up at the airport. The best destination is Slovenia capital - Ljubljana. 

EasyJet fly low cost daily from London Stansted and four times a week from London Gatwick.


You can also take your weapon on EasyJet flights.


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