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Why do we manage wild deer?

Throughout the U.K. we have 6 species of deer. Roe, Fallow and Red deer make up our native species, whilst Muntjac, Sika and Chinese Water Deer are non-native.

In the absence of natural predation, each of these species' population are not only increasing, but rapidly expanding in range. 

Whilst you may not often see wild deer, due to feeding their typical feeding activity (dawn and dusk), they can have a severe impact on our native flora and fauna, as well as our ancient woodlands.

Management means culling to a plan which best replicates a similar impact to that of natural predation, whilst ensuring healthy, sustainable wild deer populations.

FALLOW-1 (1) copy.jpg

At present there is close to 2 million wild deer in the UK, with estimates of numbers thought to be at their highest level for over 1000 years.

Deer have NO natural predators in the UK, therefore the role of human control becomes very important.

This image of a huge herd of Fallow deer was taken by ourselves, in a wild area!

Our Deer Management Services

We have over 35 years of experience managing wild deer and able to offer expert advice, from the practical knowledge I have gained during this period. These are the services we can offer your business, working transparently as a consultant or direct to the client.

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Estate Deer Management/Cull

A large part of our work is deer culling (where there are abundant populations) in order to maintain, and in some cases, improve herd quality, but keeping numbers to a size that is acceptable to estate owner, farmer & forester alike. Culling is done based on our deer management plan, which is site specific.


Deer Management Plan + Woodland/plantation design

As a consultant, we are able to offer deer management plans to suit WD2/WS1 applications. Whilst offering our ideas on future woodland/plantation design to help suit these applications.


Deer Impact/Activity Assessment

We are able to offer Deer Habitat Impact and Activity Assessments to help establish and measure current deer impact on your site. This can include, site study to determine deer species and density, as well as nocturnal thermal surveys.

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A Responsible & Sustainable Approach

We are committed to educating and promoting the benefits of responsible and sustainable Deer Management.

​We are committed to promoting the benefits of how effective deer culling is intrinsic to enhancing habitat diversity and responsible woodland management.

We are committed to protecting deer welfare, with humane and effective management strategies to keep populations healthy and in control.


Our Deer Management Experience

- For 20+ years we have managed deer over approximately 10,000+ acres

- Experience with all 6 deer species and wild Boar 

- Proven experience of working in public forests

- Experience of management within Ancient/semi-natural woodland

- Management within SSSI sites

- Management of urban deer

- Management of deer parks

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