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Cervus-UK offers guided deer stalking amongst some of Southern England's most stunning ancient woodland and picturesque countryside. 

We can provide quality deer stalking of all six UK deer species to both novice and experienced deer stalkers, on areas that we personally manage or that of our tried and trusted associates.

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“An experience that is much more than just deer stalking.”

Join us in the woods, for an immersive and unique hunting experience,

providing you with invaluable deer stalking skills and further knowledge of deer management.

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Interested in stalking with us? 

Leave us a message & we'll get back to you.

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Our Values & Commitment To Deer

At Cervus-UK, we believe that every day offers an opportunity to learn more about wildlife and deer. Our team is continually observing, learning, and implementing innovative management strategies.

We adopt a holistic approach to deer and woodland management, aiming to enhance habitat diversity and ensure responsible stewardship of woodlands and the wider ecosystem. 

We are dedicated to implementing, educating, and promoting the benefits of sustainable and responsible deer management practices.

During your deer stalking experience with us, we will explain the reasons behind our specific management strategies and how we apply them to each site. This will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of our best practices, which you can potentially adopt in the future. Additionally, you will gain deeper insights into deer behavior, their habits, and our overall management.

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