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Although our name is synonymous with trophy animals a large part of our work is deer culling in order to maintain the quality and keep numbers to a size that is acceptable to farmer & forester alike.


Cervus-UK provides quality cull stalking of all six UK deer species to either the experienced or most novice of hunters on areas that we personally manage or that of our tried and trusted associates. We offer cull stalking in most counties of southern England and red hinds (21st October - 15th February) in the highlands of Scotland.


All stalking is guided by ourselves on our own productive hunting area's or with proven associate partners that work to the same exacting requirements as ourselves. Our aim is to offer our clients/customers quality and successful hunts in areas where there is abundant deer to be culled that is part of our deer management plan. 


Cull stalking is normally available from November to April in England.

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