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Muntjac have had a severe impact on our native woodland. Unfortunately, they have a feeding preference for plants that are of conservation importance, such as Bluebells, Orchids & Primulas and are capable of damaging most young tree species, particularly by fraying and contined browsing.


In areas of high Muntjac density, semi natural woodland can become devoid of native ground-flora, which has serious implications for conservation of native woodlands. Careful, planned management of the muntjac populations is therefore imperative for the protection of our remaining ancient & semi-natural sites.

Our hunting areas cover in excess of 10,000 acres / 4200Ha and are situated in South Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Berkshire and the Cotswolds. There is a possibility to shoot Muntjac, Fallow deer and Roe deer during your hunt on most of our estates. 



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