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Sika deer were introduced from the Far East into the UK in 1860. While several subspecies, including Chinese, Japanese, Formosan and Manchurian, were introduced into parks the only free-living form in Britain is the Japanese sika. It is possible that almost all living English, Scottish and some Irish sika are descendants from only one stag and three hinds introduced to Viscount Powerscourt's deer park at Enniskerry, Eire in 1860.

Their preferred habitat is coniferous woodlands and heaths on acid soils. Distribution is widespread and expanding in Scotland from west to east with a strong population in Peeblesshire.

 We have access to some of the best areas for Japanese Sika stags; huge blocks of forestry with open, rich valleys with tumbling streams and small lochs are perfect habitat for this species, which has been at liberty for over 150 years. This is Scotland at its best, dramatic and challenging with a high expectation of a quality trophy. The best time to hunt them is during the rut time which can extend from September to November. The hunt will take form of stalking on foot or sitting in high/low seats over clear-felled areas, or near Stag wallows that are visited regularly. This is a truly wild hunt and you will see some of the most beautiful areas of the Scottish Borders


Each year we take excellent Trophy quality Stags as well as a few medal class ones. 

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