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Our Story

Owen Beardsmore was born and raised in the glorious Staffordshire countryside and spent much of his teenage years helping a gamekeeper on the local estate. His was a childhood of dogs, ferrets, catapults and hawks which developed into a love of nature, wildlife and subsequently its management.

Cervus-UK was born out of a hobby business originally called 'Leafield Deer Management Services' back in 1997.

Owen was managing deer on a few farms in the Cotswolds as a recreational stalker. With the increase of awareness for the necessity to manage wild deer, Cervus-UK as a company was formed in 2004 with Owen working full time as a professional deer manager & sporting agent since then.


In the past 7 years, the company has expanded bringing in Daniel Beardsmore, with an expertise in marketing & content creation. Subsequently, our services have expanded into providing authentic, quality content creation for some of the biggest brands within the Hunting & Outdoors industry.

Circa '85, Owen out hunting with his sparrowhawk, Cilla.

The Cervus-UK Evolution:

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2019 -

Our YouTube Channel:

For over 12 years we having been publishing videos onto YouTube.  As hunters, first and foremost, it's of the utmost importance that we share our story and great traditions in the best possible light, and stay true to what we are and what we do, knowing that somewhere along the line, someone who isn't necessarily a hunter will see our films and understand the holistic approach we endeavor to take.


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