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Deer Talk: Beat the January Blues!

Happy New Year! We're into the second week of January.. already! We hope you're still on track to hit your New Year goals for 2024.. right!?


This is our first shot at a monthly newsletter and one we feel is truly one of its kind - with a principle focus on UK deer management. What to expect each month:


  • Deer Talk: Deer management tips + advice for each month ahead in focus

  • Gear Talk: A look at practical gear + kit to aid you in your deer stalking pursuit

  • What's New: Our latest videos, articles + anything we find interesting in the deer management/stalking world that you need to know about.


Deer Talk: Things Consider In January

January is always a bleak month, with short daylight hours + the coldest stalks in the calendar, but its one we can really take advantage of when trying to achieve our cull targets! Here's a few things to consider this month:


  1. If you have deer feeders, this is the time to get them filled and topped up regularly, as lowland deer will soon take to regular, easy food source. Wheat or tick beans are best and easy to get.

  2. With all the storms we have had lately, make sure you're checking highseats are still secured and have not crept out of position if fixed to a tree, due to perhaps the trunk moving.

  3. Early afternoon can often be the best time of day for Roe deer to move, as they look for food out in the fields and woodland margins - don't always think first and last light.


Gear Talk: NEW Leupold BX-4 Range HD's

Last October we finally got our hands on the new rangefinder-bino offering from Leupold. The 10x42's have so far been a joy to use with its compact form and bright red OLED display to help pinpoint distances of quarry for ourselves + clients.


Whilst at just over 1kg in weight (1150g to be exact) and what at first seems heavy, they have certainly not been a hindrance around our neck. We found the large ambidextrous programmable buttons on top have been much easier to use when wearing gloves, compared to other rangefinder alternatives.

We're excited to bring a full breakdown video review of how we feel they have performed for us, more specifically for the woodland stalking arena.


What's New: Driven Hunting in Luxembourg Films:

Over the past couple of weeks we released a 2 videos on on YouTube documenting our driven hunting trip to Luxembourg. This was 4 days of driven hunts in 4 different regions. The hunting culture in Lux isn’t just about the shooting, but all about the local camaraderie of like-minded country folk, who come together to help with the yearly cull of wild boar and Roe deer. You can watch both episodes below!

We hope you've enjoyed this first instalment of our monthly bitesize newsletter... see you early February!

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