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Deer Talk: February

Hi all! If you're new here this is our monthly newsletter with a core focus on UK deer management. What you can expect from this email:

  • Deer Talk: Deer management tips + advice for the month ahead

  • Gear Talk: A look at practical gear + kit to aid you in your deer stalking pursuit

  • What's New: Our latest videos, articles + anything we find interesting in the deer management/stalking world that you need to know about!


Deer Talk / Things To Consider In February:


  1. With the game bird season now over, the lowland deer will be more relaxed in their woodland activity, which should give longer opportunity to add additional deer to your cull. Continue to top up any deer feeders as this is the month with the least amount of wild food available and deer will frequent regularly if they have become used to them previously.

  2. Roe may be seen in larger groups at this time of year, especially out in fields of winter crops, this gives  good opportunity to assess from a distance (any poor youngsters etc.). Also make sure to check on mature/old bucks who by the end of the month should have virtually fully grown antlers.

  3. Fallow does will be on 'tip toes' these next few months at prime stalking time, perhaps try an early afternoon stalk along a sunny woodland margin. Where youngsters in particular, may break cover for an early feed.


Gear Talk: Hornady ECX (Extreme Copper Alloy expanding)

For the past six months we have been putting this bullet through its paces out in the field. "A bullet designed by Hornady with the European hunter in mind", we were told and it hasn't disappointed, so far.


We have been using the .308/165g, from their INTERNATIONAL range, on Roe, Fallow & Muntjac as part of our deer management and we have been really impressed with the performance, in particular over short ranges in woodlands.


The flat polymer tip initiates immediate expansion by driving back into the hollow cavity at the front of the copper alloy bullet, giving uniform expansion. Deer that were heart shot, were in many cases, knocked down and at the most ran a few metres, with lots of blood loss from a good wound channel and acceptable carcass trauma.


Where the bullet came into its own was on the montería in Spain, where shots onto driven game (red & wild boar) were again either knockdown or short death flight, with good blood trails for the short distance.


Finally, I shot a Chamois buck last week, in Pyrenees, at 230m, again the buck was knocked down (chest shot/ shoulder exit) and recovered to run 10-15 metres until it expired. 


With this round I really think they have found the perfect solution for UK/European woodland stalkers wanting a non-lead round for their stalking activities that gives the versatility of great terminal performance be it on a short distance Munty in the brambles, or a red hind out on the hill. We will keep you further updated as our season progresses!


What's New: Sika Hunting in County Wicklow, Ireland

We recently released a film on our YouTube channel documenting the honest challenges of stalking the elusive Japanese Sika in the Wicklow Mountains of Ireland, with Norman Mulvany of Irish Safaris.

We hope you've enjoyed this February instalment of our monthly bitesize newsletter... see you in March and happy deer stalking!

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