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Deer Talk: March

Hi all! If you're new here this is our monthly newsletter with a core focus on UK deer management. What you can expect from this email:

  • Deer Talk: Deer management tips + advice for the month ahead

  • Gear Talk: A look at practical gear + kit to aid you in your deer stalking pursuit

  • What's New: Our latest videos, articles + anything we find interesting in the deer management/stalking world that you need to know about!

Deer Talk / Things To Consider In March:

  1. At this time of the year, Roe deer can be seen out of the woods and gleaning on the fresh growth of Spring out on the fields and can be in groups of a dozen or more. This gives us an opportunity to assess a more accurate population and help govern our choice of cull animals.

  2. In the final weeks of the Roe doe season, we tend to be more selective on our choice of cull animals, often choosing poor youngsters that haven’t faired the wet and cold Winter so well. 

  3. March gives us the opportunity to also assess our Roebucks for the coming season, as they’re not yet territorial and can be seen in these groups.

  4. With the bucks in velvet (some perhaps clean by mid March) they can often deceive the eye by looking far bigger than they end up in hard antler.

  5. Spring is always an exciting time of the year, where we start to really ramp up our trail camera activity to capture mature Roebucks starting to clean off and establish their new territory. 

Gear Talk: Bushnell Core DS-4K No Glow Trail Camera

For the past few years, we have been running 6 of the Bushnell Core DS cameras, throughout the year, to assist in our reconnaissance on the areas that we manage deer and other wildlife. 


We are pretty hard on our kit and these cameras are out constantly. They are reliable and produce high quality images and video even in low light and night time conditions whilst not having a heavy battery drain. We would recommend them to anyone who wants real quality observations captured in image / video. 

Want the best photos/video from your trail cameras? Here's our tips:


  • Remember to not set your camera too high from the ground, for roe, muntjac & fallow we set at about knee height

  • If possible, set your camera north facing to avoid direct sunlight and rather capture images that are illuminated by light

  • Place camera on busy wildlife path/ run, rather than on a feeder, then you will get images of deer moving around territory. Most wildlife will use same pathways

  • Always use the best quality batteries and SDHC cards, for premium results and battery life and image quality

  • After setting up camera (strapped to tree) collect fallen branches the size of your arm and place against the side of camera to camouflage from public intervention / interest

What's New: More Podcast Episodes + More Films!

We've just released a brand new episode of our 'Blood, sweat & deers' podcast with David Freer of The Stalking Show to get the lowdown on what you can expect from the show next month!

We've also released a 2 film series of hunting in Spain, both on Montería and hunting chamois in the Pyrenees! The response to those films has been really positive and we're glad we can share our experiences of hunting in Spain, a country that we Brits often holiday in, but not for hunting reasons!


If you're interested in exploring hunting trips in Spain in the future, please don't hesitate to drop me an email:


Finally, there is currently a Home Office consultation on sound moderators and whether they should be removed from licensing controls. You can find the link here to voice your opinion.

We hope you've enjoyed this March instalment of our monthly bitesize newsletter... see you in April and happy deer stalking!

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