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Deer Talk: May

Hello all! May is here and with it finally some consistent sunshine and drier weather (even though it is raining as I write this). Bucks are on their territories and will be fattening up from their Spring feed. The warmer weather will start to make them lazier, so look out for a passing rain shower as you may see them around their territory remarking afterwards! Here's a few things we're considering for this month and in to the next...


Deer Talk / Things To Consider In May:

  1.  Carry out highseat maintenance and repositioning, readying them for the next cull season. Remember to replace any signage on your seats, key for health and safety/best practice to keep public from climbing.

  2. At this time of the year when things start to quieten down, we get our chillers serviced.

  3. For the past couple of weeks, we have been seeing bucks already laid up, lazy in the warm weather and camera activity showing them mostly moving at very first light/mid morning. They're already starting to save energy for the Rut.

  4. This is also the time of the year when you probably have the least amount of visibility as the Does/hinds will be away having their kids amongst dense foliage. Keep this in mind as it often can give a false sense of low population.

  5. Studies have shown nutrients such as calcium, phosphorous, and sodium are critical for deer; required for bone, muscle and other essential growth. Sodium chloride (salt) is especially important, as deer actively seek it out in Spring to balance the high water content in green grasses. With this in mind, we ensure our mineral lick sites are replenished and maintained (cut down the high cover for better access/visibility) to help give your deer and other herbivores their much needed micronutrient boost!! 🌱 - P.s. this also acts as the perfect recon' site for your trailcams.

A hare licking a mineral lick
Even the hares enjoy our mineral licks...
A Roebuck in the woodlands
A nice buck using our mineral site, will catch up with him during the Rut.

Gear Talk: The best boots for your Summer stalking?!

We have both been using the CRISPI Valdres Pro GTX & Valdres GTX for over a year now. I’m not quick to endorse anything until I’ve had it for at least a season, especially boots, as in the past I have been disappointed in some modern boots as they just don’t seem to last as well as boots I’ve had years ago! I’ve been wearing CRISPI boots now for the past 5 years and have loved the Hunter GTX’s, but for the Summer/mid season the high leg & insulation can make them a tad warm! 😅


The Valdres are a mid boot, but still giving excellent support to the ankle. It has a GORE-TEX liner which makes it waterproof, breathable and the 3D construction moves moisture away leaving the foot dry, even if you’ve had them on all day! The Vibram sole (world-renowned soles offering some of the best traction and water resistance on the market) with dual-density polyurethane midsole is grippy to say the least and this was really proven in the Pyrenees last Winter.


Yet again, these CRISPI boots were comfortable straight from the box with no breaking in, just immediate full use. The lace system on the front is easy, quick to use + the laces do not slip and come undone and after 12 months constant use show no sign of real wear or need of replacement.


After 5-6 hours of Summer buck stalking my boots tend to smell like ripe Gorgonzola 🧀🤢, but the “CRISPI®️ Air Mesh + Felt Active Carbons” give outstanding breathability / anti perspiration which in turn ensures significant anti-odour.


I’ve been really impressed with the Valdres, and so has Dan (who is used to wearing highly technical trail shoes for all his running), our only real maintenance has been a brush off and regular dubbin’ of the Nubuck outer with the CRISPI's own conditioning cream, but have also used Renapur leather balsam to the same effect.


Big thumbs up CRISPI, don’t change a thing! Looking forward to trying there new FUTURA NXT GTX boots in the near future.. 👍


What's New: Loads more hunting films now on our YouTube channel!

We're trying our best to deliver more frequent, high quality film content for you all to enjoy! We've published 4 more new films to our channel and have many more to come over the next weeks and months. Here's a couple of Roebuck films below to sink your teeth into, if you haven't watched already!

We hope you've enjoyed this May instalment of our monthly bitesize newsletter... see you in June (our quiet month) and happy deer stalking!

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